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Best Local Blog St. Louis 2009 - UrbanReviewSTL

Readers' Choice: Super Happy Funtime Blog

The crosswalk signals are inadequate downtown (except outside Busch Stadium, of course). The new Schnucks Culinaria downtown is a welcome addition, but you have to drive to the third level to park your car. Businesses in the Old Post Office block, promoted as a 24/7 district, are still closed on weekends. Blogger Steve Patterson astutely documents and discusses these issues and more on UrbanReviewSTL, a community blog that focuses on often-overlooked civic problems. Patterson started UrbanReviewSTL five years ago and soon after made his unofficial campaign to fix up St. Louis official by running for an aldermanic seat. He lost, but he blogged on, even as he pursued a master's degree in urban planning and real estate development at Saint Louis U. In 2008 Patterson had a stroke that left him paralyzed on his left side. Still, he blogs on (now with help from a team of contributors). In a few months he'll complete his postgraduate work. He will, we trust, blog on.

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That comment's hilarious. I think Steve does a nice job on his blog, but it's kind of a legacy blog and has grown a bit stale. I don't think he's doing anything different, but other's have popped up or add more substance. It's more a commentary on the emerging vitality of the city than it is an issue with Steve or Urban Review STL. For what it's worth I spend a lot of time on

James Weber
James Weber

Steve Patterson is a crazy old coot whose blog is approaching unreadability. What about Ecology of Absence's rich, brain-busting spirals? The gutsy punk-rock spirit of B.E.L.T.? Don't call it a comeback, Vanishing STL has been doing this shizz for years! The arrogant and electrifying Doug Duckworth's Urban Affairs? St. Louis Urban Workshop? These are the real rock stars of local development discussion. They don't write about the party; they attend the party, do a keg-stand, ride a toboggan down the basement stairs. Every built structure in town is putting on its Friday finest, lining up to make sweet preservation hay with these kids. They sweat it out in the streets and the Board meetings, then write it so you sweat a little bit, too. Can we hop off the Urban Review STL (even typing the name makes me tired!) train? His whining is tantamount to exhaustion and surrender. Give me the dreamers of the dream, the glitter-bound, the called and the purposed! Full disclosure: I am dating a H.U.C. (Hot Urban Chick)


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