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Best Local Politician St. Louis 2009 - St. Charles County Councilman Paul Wynn

Readers' Choice: St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay

Paul Wynn does not smoke, and nary a drop of drink doth touch his lips. If Wynn has a vice, it's a three-letter word: war. The West Point grad did a tour in Saudi Arabia with the U.S. Army during the Gulf War, and when the War on Terror commenced, the self-described unabashed conservative joined up for another swing through the Middle East with the Army Reserves. Last fall Wynn was working as a transportation manager for Solutia when he got a third call to arms. This time he shipped out for twelve months to work as a military security contractor. "I couldn't say no!" exclaims Wynn from a Skype-connected phone in Iraq. The Brentwood native left behind a wife and five kids in O'Fallon — not to mention a newly earned seat on the St. Charles County Council, which he won in November 2008. Though his colleagues on the council say they're getting along OK without Wynn, St. Charles County will be happy to welcome home their one-of-a-kind public servant later this year.

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Wynn has repeatedly implied that the unemployed of St. Charles County chose to be without a job as they could "go out and get a job" considering all the job postings he has seen listed. His lack of understanding of the economic conditions the people of St. Charles County face is only surpassed by his lack of class. Perhaps he was an officer, but he is no gentleman.


Wynn did not go back to Iraq for any patriotic reasons, he needed the tax free salary because he was going to lose his job at Solutia. And he's bilking the citizens of St. Charles County for health insurance for himself and his family. He's tried to refuse federal money for women, infants and children and also money for thousands of unemployed workers in St. Charles County. Who is the idiot that decided this hateful, selfish, and mean spirited person is a public servant? He's the opposite, he's tried to hurt a considerable number of at risk families by being an idealogue


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