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Best New Bar St. Louis 2009 - Sasha's on Shaw

Sasha\'s on Shaw

Sasha's on Shaw

4069 Shaw Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63110


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Sasha's new location on Shaw Boulevard opened last November and has steadily grown in popularity ever since. It is the perfect complement to the already thriving location in Clayton. The vibe manages to be upscale without coming off as pretentious or stuffy; there's plenty of comfortable seating and much more room to move around than in the original location. The wine selection is vast, and the bar features great late-night eats to pair with one's tipple of choice. Nightly wine and beer specials, a comfortable outdoor garden patio and delicious food make Sasha's a great addition to the Shaw neighborhood.

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Went in there tonight with a group of 5 friends ready to drink several bottles of wine. The first room was packed but the other was practically empty. The bartender working the first room GROWLED at us several times "NOT IN THERE. DO NOT SIT IN THERE." There was no where else to sit, so I asked another worker, and they said of course we could sit in there. Suddenly the bartender found me and told me he didn't mean we COULDN'T sit in there, he just preferred if we didn't. Right. 100% rude and completely lost our business for good.

I had only been there once before and enjoyed it, but as an area resident and member of a local neighborhood association, not only will I not be returning to Sasha's but I will also share this story with my fellow neighbors.

Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson

Like hell this is a good addition to the Shaw neighborhood. The people that go there are more often than not pompous and rude to those of us who actually LIVE in the neighborhood. They play loud music on external speakers till 1:30 or later, disturbing many in the neighborhood. I love the sounds of Motown just like everyone else but dammit not that late. I cannot attest to the amenities that very well may be present due to how rude the owners have been when confronted about inconsistencies in what was promised and what has now been delivered. Wish things could have turned out differently, as there were things on the menu that I wanted to try. :(


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