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Best Pawn Shop St. Louis 2009 - Bel-Air Pawn Shop, Inc.

Bel-Air Pawn Shop, Inc.

Bel-Air Pawn Shop, Inc.

7501 S. Broadway

St. Louis, MO 63111


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Bel-Air Pawn Shop, located deep in the belly of south St. Louis, has everything a great pawn shop needs. It's big, and it houses an eclectic inventory — everything from the obligatory musical instrument and stereo equipment section to bicycles and televisions and a sizable selection of lawn mowers, leaf blowers and power tools. The sprawling, windowless warehouse of wants is a veritable boulevard of broken dreams — a place where someone else's hard luck or throwaway merchandise from another life practically begs to be snatched up as your treasure. Just don't expect to haggle.

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Think of this: It's Christmas or Mother's Day, and you forgot to buy that special someone a gift. Sure, you could go to the big-box electronics store for a big-screen or the jewelry shop in the mall for a nice watch or the hardware store for a lawn mower, and in the process waste a full tank of gas. Or you can just hit up Action Pawn. They have a large selection of items, from Xboxes to bicycles, diamond rings to laptops, and seemingly everything in between. There are big sales on most major holidays, and Action Pawn is ready to loan you money if you're in need


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What about D&R Pawn and Jewelry in Maplewood? Lots of guitars and electronics, located next to Eddies Guitars and the Pro Sound Store, worth the trip to see all of them! Great jewelry selection and the pet birds are cool!

Maybe next year!