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Best Pizza by the Slice St. Louis 2009 - Feraro's Jersey-Style Pizza - CLOSED

Feraro\'s Jersey-Style Pizza

Feraro's Jersey-Style Pizza

1862 S. 10th St.

St. Louis, MO 63104


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There is a slice of pizza, and then there is pizza by the slice. The former you can make from any ol' pizza: thin crust or deep-dish, round or square, topped with buffalo-milk mozzarella or smothered in Provel. Pizza by the slice is practically a religion. In New York City, adherents of rival by-the-slice joints have been known to joust in the street, West Side Story-style. Here in St. Louis there is no parallel. Feraro's Jersey-Style Pizza turns out the best slice, hands down. The slices are huge, easily exceeding the edges of your plate, but the crust is crisp enough to support the generous layer of melted cheese. That's especially key for those who like to walk and eat a slice simultaneously. Nothing will ruin a perfectly good slice like seeing it slide down your shirt onto the street.

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Like going back to the old country, absolutely the best in STL and So. County. No strange cheeses, ONLY the real thing.I go 3 times a week.


Not only best slice, but arguably best STL pizza period! I recommend the meatball/garlic. Meatball receipe is a Feraro trade secret, and has no equal. We make the pilgrimage from West Co. to enjoy this fine pie! ***** - Highest Rating


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