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Best Pizza (Thick Crust) St. Louis 2009 - Black Thorn Pub

Black Thorn Pub

Black Thorn Pub

3735 Wyoming St.

St. Louis, MO 63116


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Readers' Choice: Pi

Fans of the Black Thorn Pub know there are two rules to enjoying the Tower Grove South joint's incredible deep-dish pizza: 1) leave yourself plenty of time; and 2) listen very carefully. The first rule is pretty obvious. Deep-dish pizza takes time to cook; add in the crowds who throng this relatively small pub and you could be waiting an hour or more. Those crowds explain the second rule. When your pizza is ready, the staff announces it over an intercom. Your name can be hard to hear over the happy buzz of friends sharing a pitcher (or three) of beer, playing shuffleboard and singing along to the jukebox's excellent selection. It's all worth it, though. The crust is chewy and flavorful, the cheese and toppings plentiful and the sauce — the secret weapon — addictively spicy. Better add a third rule: Go hungry. Oh, and plan for leftovers. Even the smallest deep-dish pizza here is more than any normal human being can handle.

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ben arnold
ben arnold

My wife and I were excited to visit Black Thorn Pizza, since we have read all the reviews about how good the pizza is. So we make the 35 minute drive down (not a big deal). We park on the street and enter. We walk in the door, no greeter or person to seat you. So we walk through looking around and are amazed by how under maintained the inside is. So we walk up to the bartender (only person we found that we thought worked there) and he says seat yourself and then come tell me what you want. So we look for a seat. I was suprised that they didnt have much of a seating area, now I know why. The few tables they had were taken. So we find an open booth to sit in. The bench seat is broken and the coushon is ripped. So we sit down anyway, willing to give it a try. But with the smell of mildew in the air where we were sitting, that was the last straw. We weren't gonna wait 45 minutes for a pizza in this dump. I can see why people get their orders to go.


Now, I was really psyched to go to this place until I actually got there. It was a very boring Saturday night so my bf and I decided to go and try something new. Keeping to my resolution to get out of my comfort zone, we decided to try Black Thorn. When we got there, he felt less than welcomed. My bf is African American and some people, that did not work there, were staring at him like he had the ebola virus. Needless to say we did not get a chance to get a slice, but hey there's always tomorrow.


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