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Best Place to Play Table Shuffleboard St. Louis 2009 - Hi-Way Bar - CLOSED

Hi-Way Bar

Hi-Way Bar

2732 S. 13th St.

St. Louis, MO 63118


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Rare is the local watering hole that maintains a shuffleboard table. But a mere few blocks from the brewery, the Hi-Way Bar, named for its proximity to I-55 just across 13th Street and now in its 40th year of divey glory, still has one. Plunk in 50 cents, watch the old scoreboard light up and slide your gleaming pucks to victory. When they call themselves the "Home of the Dollar Beer," they really mean it: A can of Natty Light'll set you back eight bits, be it morning, noon or night. If you grow weary of the beer and 'board, you can play pinball (Operation: Thunder) or punch up classic country tunes on the jukebox or eat sticks of beef jerky (a dollar apiece). Us? We never get tired of the beer and 'board.

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I have spent many days/nights in Hi-Way Bar playing shuffleboard, but THE BEST SHUFFLEBOARD in St. Louis is located at KULAGE'S TAVERN at 8635 N. Broadway. This little tavern has been there for years and is still going. The shuffleboard is well maintained with regular cleanings and there are round robin tournaments every Wednesday evening/night.


But, alas...the Hi-Way Bar is no more.


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