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Best Pothead St. Louis 2009 - Mark Pedersen

While you're sitting on the couch stoned, munching Cheez Doodles and watching Harold and Kumar, Mark Pedersen is traveling the nation, seeking out the life stories of people who smoke chronic to treat their chronic illnesses. The St. Louisan is the founder of the Cannabis Patient Network, a website that broadcasts interviews with users of medical marijuana and offers painfully sobering accounts of pot's efficacy as a clinical drug. Pedersen himself tokes to deal with fibromyalgia, a disease that causes nasty symptoms such as migraines and muscle aches. He's also active in marijuana-law reform efforts locally — he helped NORML organize its rally downtown this past May — and nationally, as a correspondent for the group Patients Out of Time. For his efforts he was named a "Freedom Fighter of the Month" by High Times magazine earlier this year. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Mark is a wonderful person with a tremendous mission. He is getting the word out that people need this medication to combat pain and suffering caused by illnesses. I like him have fibromyagia so I full well know the pain he is trying to treat. No one has any idea what we go threw as patients to get pain relief. When we go we are treated like drug addicts wanting a fix. We are not drug addicts needing a fix we are American Citizens who are sick of hurting day in and day out without comfort and sick and tired of being so sick and tired. We take multiple pharmaceuticals throughout the day. I get so sick to my stomach when the worst pain hits and then there are the migraines. I have seen first hand how Medical Cannabis helps with the pain. It helps within the first few hits or by eating it. However eating it takes about 2 hours to start its effects. Its time to stop thinking "Reefer Madness" and start thinking about the benefits of Medicinal Cannabis.

If it is so bad why does the US government have a patent on the Cannabinoids as Medicinal?? Check out this link:

Many blessings to Mark for his hard work!


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