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Best Public Park St. Louis 2009 - Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park

Park & Mississippi avenues

St. Louis, MO 63104

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Sometimes you don't feel like running, or boating, or bird watching, or playing golf or tennis, or taking in some enlightening cultural activity. Sometimes you just want to spend a quiet afternoon plopped under a tree with a book. Lafayette Park, at the center of Lafayette Square in the eponymous neighborhood, boasts the best reading-trees of any park in the city. They are entirely surrounded by grass so your butt doesn't get dirty. The bark on the trunks is not so thick that it digs uncomfortably into your back. Some trees are even equipped with sizable roots that make for good armrests. There are enough trees to provide sufficient shade, but not too many to interfere with the pleasant views of painted Victorian row houses or of the St. Louis Perfectos and the Lafayette Square Cyclones playing 1860s-style "base ball." Do not underestimate the value of a good reading-tree. Or the considerable effort we have expended to bring this vital information to you.

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Disagree! Lafayette Park is in desperate need of some landscaping and a little TLC. I was very disappointed walking around the little park b/c it is just in complete disrepair. I was hoping for a little more historical element given the history of the neighborhood but aside from a couple cannons and not taken care of statures and surrounding bushes and weeds... there wasn't much. Time for this park to get a makeover. Got to Forest Park instead.


We love Lafayette Park! Not only good for reading under trees, but the best walking park (no cars allowed) in St. Louis because it's the most scenic. For more information about the park itself, try The link given by the RFT is for the Lafayette Square neighborhood that surrounds the park.


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