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Best Remixer St. Louis 2009 - André Anjos

As a founder and principal of the Remix Artist Collective (RAC), André Anjos has had his music appear during the HBO series Entourage and on well-respected music blogs such as But as the RAC's reputation continues to grow, so has the caliber of gigs he's received: This year alone Anjos remixed singles for U2, John Legend, Kings of Leon and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, had reinventions appear on albums from Family Force 5 and Ra Ra Riot and even remixed the Star Trek theme in advance of the movie. (Sad to say, the track wasn't used in any official capacity.) Anjos, his wife and bandmates in synthpop band the Pragmatic recently relocated en masse to Portland, Oregon, where no doubt Anjos will continue to re-envision tunes with plenty of heart, soul and burbling keyboards.

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tom gates
tom gates

Good for you. You hit the nail on the head. Andre's doing great work out there.


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