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Best Rock Radio Program St. Louis 2009 - Emotional Rescue

Monday morning, 7 a.m. Beeeep beeeep. Ugh, it's the alarm. Ugh, it's a Monday meeting looming. Ugh, it's Monday. Maybe the radio will help wake me up. Let's see — hey, it's Cat Pick's Emotional Rescue on KDHX. And ooh, she's playing mopey Brit rockers Elbow — right into country sweetheart Patsy Cline! Wow, didn't expect that — and hey, it's Cline's birthday. Huh, didn't know that. Oh, wait, that's right — every week, Pick's 7-to-10-a.m. show features artists who have birthdays on that date. OK, waking up now. Or getting there. Hey, this poptastic Electric Light Orchestra cut is helping. So's this glammy Bowie number and the kicky Brit-indie of the Arctic Monkeys. You gotta love this mix of old and new stuff — gets the ol' brain in gear. Wait — wait, what's this? ZOMG, it's the '80s-influenced emo-pop of Cobra Starship. That's it — we're getting out of bed. Now, where's the coffee?

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