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Best Sports Bar St. Louis 2009 - Highlander Pub and Grill

Highlander Pub and Grill

Highlander Pub and Grill

5656 Oakland Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63110


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Readers' Choice: St. Louis SportsZone

Near the footprint of the old arena, the not-yet-two-years-old Highlander Pub and Grill is a sports institution in its own right. Cards games are punctuated with cherry-bomb shots, Blues games with blue curaçao shots, Mizzou games with pints of "Black and Gold" (the Highlander's take on the Black and Tan). Mizzou and University of Nebraska alumni groups both call the joint home throughout the year, and they don't even have to sit near each other if they don't want to: There are three massive projection screens suspended behind the bar and another dozen televisions scattered throughout. It's a sports bar first, but with appreciative nods to Scottish fare — such as the Scotch eggs app — and it's got one of the better whisky and Scotch lists in town. St. Louis-centric food (including T-ravs, and salads and sandwiches made with Provel) is well represented, but if the home team happens to suffer an embarrassing loss (ahem, Rams, we're looking at you), you can pass on the local stuff and blend in with the many out-of-towners who've stopped by while shacking up at the Hampton Inn next door. The Highlander's staff is accommodating, and the chef's been known to whip up special dishes for regulars. Speaking of regulars: Last year's Super Bowl featured a free halftime buffet and an attendance drawing with a cash prize. The winner pocketed several hundred dollars — and used most of it to buy the place a round.

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Food is terrible. Server refused to honor coupon even though I followed all the conditions. Manager told me there was another coupon out there with different conditions. I had bought the coupon 3 hours before so I know the conditions were correct. It wasn't until I got into a screaming argument with her and threatened to taken them to small claims court that she honored the coupon. Server was more interested in listen to our conversation and joining in than getting our order. Toasted ravoli was okay. Artichokes were disgusting. Spend your money somewhere else. No wonder this place is empty.


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