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Best Sports Figure Not Named Pujols St. Louis 2009 - Stan Musial

Readers' Choice: Yadier Molina

Everyone expected Stan Musial to get more attention during the opening ceremony to the 2009 MLB All-Star Game. Sure, what happened was nice enough — he rode in on a golf cart, the players and coaches waved, Joe Buck described him as "the heart and soul of the St. Louis Cardinals" and he trundled away — but most people anticipated the popelike reverence Ted Williams got at Fenway a few years back. Honestly, even that wouldn't have been enough. Stan the Man means more to St. Louis fans than the Splendid Splinter does to Bostonians, by a long shot. They have other sports icons such as Bird and Brady; nothing but baseball matters here. And for more than twenty years, Musial was the best of the best at the sport. His statistics (.331 career batting average, 475 home runs) don't even come close to conveying his greatness. So yeah, a highlight montage or a speech would have been a nice touch while the world was watching that night in July, but anyone who knows the city knows that Stan Musial doesn't need some silly ceremony to prove how much he means to St. Louis. He is the Man, and that's the way it will always be.

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Tom A.
Tom A.

He's just a great guy. The baseball numbers speak for themselves.


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