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Best Toy Store St. Louis 2009 - Go! Toys & Games

Go! Toys & Games

Brentwood Blvd. and Clayton Road

Richmond Heights, MO 63117


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It's a sad fact that shopping for toys is so often a buzzkill. Preachy, finger-wagging signs are everywhere: "Parents, watch your kids." "Don't touch!" "You break it, you buy it!" Ugh. But at Go! Toys & Games, there's this placard right near the entrance: "Go! Ahead play with any game on the display tables." Don't mind if we do. In this age of expensive electronic gadgetry, Go! refreshingly trains an eye toward the classics — kites, marshmallow shooters, Bingo and freak-out-your-mom goodies such as glo-maggots. But the store really shines in its breadth of board games, notably its polity of -polys. As in, variations on Monopoly. More than 500 million people have played the classic version; it's tougher to say how many people have played the 30-plus variations for sale at Go! Toys & Games, including Anti-Monopoly, Horse-Opoly and Make Your Own Opoly. And for grownups who'd like something a little more risqué than picking a "Chance" card, there's Naked! The Card Game and Rockstar Rehab, "The drinking game where the most tragic players become the most famous." Your move, Lushy Lohan.

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A store that is only there for the Holidays is voted best? Is St. Louis in this much trouble or is RFT that gay. Spicers blows this place out of the water.


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