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Best Yoga Studio St. Louis 2009 - Marbles Yoga Studio

Marbles Yoga Studio

1905 Park Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63104


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We're all for the seemingly exponential increase in yoga studios and yoga practitioners. After all, who's going to quibble with more people getting good exercise, decreasing their stress level and finding a greater mind-body balance? But with more choices comes more confusion — like the day that you go to the grocery store and realize, Oh my God, there are 36 kinds of tomato soup. Marbles Yoga Studio offers excellent, affordable classes for neophytes and near-yogis alike — and if you have any doubt where you fall along that spectrum, the online class catalog (or any of the instructors) will guide you to the sweet spot, whether it's the body toning of power yoga or the mindful breathing of kundalini. Moreover, this Lafayette Square space — which doubles as an art gallery — is a vibrant part of the community. Marbles even offers a pay-what-you-can class each Friday afternoon. Participants are welcome to contribute whatever works for them, from a monetary donation to a small gift for the teacher.

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Marbles Yoga studio is by far the best in St Louis. The RFT was right in picking this place as #1.

The warm atmosphere, wonderful teachers, and exceptionally passionate owner, Karen Jones, will be the best always.


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