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Best Blog St. Louis 2010 - Girl, You Lost Your Weave

Readers' Choice: The RRoy Report

Oh, girl. Is there any greater joy than uttering those condescending yet fond words? Thanks to the Girl, You Lost Your Weave blog, we all have an excuse to say them in the course of our daily Internet browsing. This blog is a category unto itself: Unlike most blogs, you won't find political rants, boring descriptions of daily life, photographs of food or tips for green living. What you will find, however, is snapshot after snapshot of nasty-looking polyester hair extensions: chunks of weave on the sidewalk, chunks of weave in the gutter, chunks of weave dangling from barbed wire. It's like a little piece of roadkill, adorning the streets of our fair city. Call it found art, call it schadenfreude, call it whatever you want — we call it the best blog in St. Louis.

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Found at the Loughborough Lowes Parking lot! Must have been a catfight because there is 4 pieces!!

Rex Loy
Rex Loy

Sorry...but STL's best blog is The RROY Report! I'm just sayin...


Sorry, Riverfront Times, but the best blog in St. Louis is The RROY Report. Where else can you find “the finest entertainment news and commentary available” (the author’s slogan), as well as “fair and balanced” reporting, because, hey, if FOX News can say that with a straight face, so can he?


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