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Best Bosnian Restaurant St. Louis 2010 - Bosna Gold

Bosna Gold

Bosna Gold

4601 Gravois Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63116


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St. Louis and Bosnian restaurants were made for each other: We love grilled meats, and they excel at grilling them — none more so than Bosna Gold. Cevapi might be the best known of these dishes: grilled beef sausages served on a spongy flatbread known as somun or lepinja. That bread is addictive, and it accompanies almost of all the grilled meats here, including tasty veal shish kebabs. (Chicken shish kebabs are available for the veal-averse.) Grilled meat is terrific year-round, but when the weather turns chilly, Bosna Gold tempts with goulashes, veal cutlets in hearty sauces, stuffed peppers and, for the truly adventurous, a big-old bowl of tripe.

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I had the pleasure of visiting Bosna Gold earlier this week (March 2012), so that a co-worker could introduce me to the mysteries of Bosnian cuisine during a visit to St. Louis.

This is a terrific place, with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I had the Mixed Meat plate at Bosna Gold and was treated to a full (and I do mean full) plate of a variety of meats, including chicken, veal, sausages, and another meat, whose name I forget. All were very tasty. There was a rich mix of sausages, and these were all quite good. The somun (or lepinja) bread that gets served with this (and I guess, many if not most) Bosnian dishes will take me some time to get used to.

The proprietors were very friendly, and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and experience.

If you are in or around St. Louis and looking for an interesting experience with an ethic twist, I recommend you make a visit to Bosna Gold. This will not be for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed experience with my Bosnian friend.



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