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Best Chocolate St. Louis 2010 - Kakao Chocolate

Kakao Chocolate

Kakao Chocolate

2301 S. Jefferson Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63104


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Just four words: bacon sea-salt caramels. You need to know more? Really? Fine. In the three years since Brian Pelletier abandoned a career in PR to run Kakao Chocolate (pronounced "ka-kay-oh"), he has been steadily pushing the boundaries of confectionery. There are truffles in unexpected flavors, including smoke, green tea and spiced rum; barks that mix dark chocolate with white pepper and sea salt and strawberry and black pepper; a cocoa-based barbecue rub; and the "Big Squeal," a buttery brittle with nuts...and bacon. None of these things tastes like anything you've ever had before — they're better. Pelletier uses only the freshest ingredients, including, sometimes, chocolate from last year's winner, Columbia's Patric. (Is that a double whammy or what?) Sign up on Kakao's Facebook fan page, and Pelletier will send you periodic invitations to his Fox Park workshop/café to sample his latest work in progress.

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Yay! I am so excited to hear Kakao won best chocolate! St. Louis has so many great hidden treasures, and I am proud to see Brian accept this year's award. He is a fantastic chocolatier, and an even better person. You MUST try his chocolate! Congratulations!


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