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Best Coffee-Shop Innovation St. Louis 2010 - Espresso Ice Cubes

Espresso Ice Cubes

Espresso Ice Cubes

7298 Manchester Road

Maplewood, MO 63143


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The argument for global warming has a powerful ally: Summer 2010 in St. Louis. Worried our terrestrial ball is getting a little too toasty? Just step outside into a 110- degree August afternoon and confirm those fears right quick. In addition to raising concerns for future generations, the warming planet is also a total bummer for iced coffee. Delicious at first, an iced latte on a hot day can quickly transform into a watery cup o' meh. That's why we're so grateful to the genius baristas at Foundation Grounds, who have developed an elegant solution: espresso ice cubes. As these cubes melt, they amp up your drink with extra coffee goodness. So take that yummy iced mocha out to the patio for an afternoon of studying or people-watching — and be sure to pair your beverage with one of the café's freshly baked treats. Foundation Grounds may not have the answer to the global-warming question, but espresso ice cubes are a delicious necessity in the fight against watered-down joe.

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Suzy Greenburg
Suzy Greenburg

As an artist I often drink iced coffees to help me get inspired. Sometimes I get so involved in a painting I lose track of time and space. Eventually I come back to earth and even if my iced mocha has melted it still tastes great thanks to espresso cubes. Thank you so much Foundation Grounds! I ♥ u


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