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Best Comeback St. Louis 2010 - Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin\' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts

1208 S. Kirkwood Road

Kirkwood, MO 63122


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[THE SCENE: A school lunchroom. A Krispy Kreme doughnut and a LaMar's doughnut share a table, where they munch cafeteria food. A Dunkin' Donuts doughnut enters with a tray and looks around for a place to sit.]

KRISPY KREME: So check out the new girl. [Gestures to Dunkin? doughnut]

LAMAR?S: Yeah, I know. Can you believe it? She?s been gone ten whole years and thinks she can just waltz right back in and pick up like nothing ever happened!

KRISPY KREME: No joke. Does she even realize that what used to make her popular is so pass?? Food-minimalism is so 2005. Chocolate-frosted cake donuts? Snore. Sugar-crusted French crullers? Bo-ring. Jelly-filled treats? Saccharine. And ugh, Boston kreme? She can?t even spell!

LAMAR?S: Uh, neither can you.

KRISPY KREME: [Glares] Whatever. I just think people are excited because of nostalgia, not reality. Nobody wants hot coffee in Styrofoam cups or gigantic iced coffees. They want schmancy drinks with fancy names. And I mean, DD is still selling doughnut holes! Even saying it makes me feel like a perv ?

DUNKIN? DONUTS: [Approaches table with hesitation] Hey guys, can I sit here?

KRISPY KREME and LAMAR?S: [In unison] Sure! Hey! Welcome back! How?s it going so far?

DUNKIN? DONUTS: It?s so weird! I mean, everybody has been so supportive! Lines out the door, positive press. We?re already back in the airport and looking to add more stores! I?m so thankful and happy. How are things with you guys?

KRISPY KREME and LAMAR?S: [Chastened] Um, business has never been better! Yeah, that?s right. Booming!

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I've never eaten Lamar's, but Krispy Kreme is incredibly lame compared to Mister Donut. The Mister Donut franchise was bought out by Dunkin' Donuts, but there is ONE Mister Donut still in existence here in the United States (there are others in foreign countries). It was bought before the takeover, so it can legally use the Mister Donut name.Anyway, anyone wanting to try the absolutely best doughnuts on the planet need to bypass the Krispy Kreme bit and hike it over here to Alton. The place closes by noon, but they open ungodly early (5 a.m.). If Krispy Kreme doughnuts were as good as Mister Donut, they'd be worth the high price and the hype.


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