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Best Delicatessen St. Louis 2010 - Eovaldi's Deli

Eovaldi\'s Deli

Eovaldi's Deli

2201 Edwards St.

St. Louis, MO 63110


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When your deli is located inside the Oldani Brothers Salami factory, chances are you make a mean Italian sandwich. Sure enough, Eovaldi's nook-like location on the Hill can pile on the salty cured meats with the best of them — favorites likes Genoa salami, mortadella and coppa are available, as well as the more pedestrian deli meats. Eovaldi's long list of hot and cold sandwiches can be problematic; there are simply too many to choose from. Luckily, most sammies come in lengths from four-and-a-half to twelve inches, so discerning diners can mix and match. We recommend the "Sicilian Bomber": hot roast beef, cold salami, pepper cheese and a special housemade gravy. Then again, you may want to try a sandwich with Eovaldi's own salsiccia. Tough call. Life sure is filled with difficult choices.

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I eat there as often as I can. Best deli hands down. Extra special + Fitz's Rootbeer + bag of barbecue Old Vienna chips= Best lunch ever. It's simple math.

donna aleto
donna aleto

i have been lucky to enjoy their catered food brought in from various companies at our office. very tasty and alot of variety!!


Completely agree with this pick.