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Best Doughnuts St. Louis 2010 - Donut House - CLOSED

Donut House

Donut House

8500 Morgan Ford Road

St Louis, MO 63123


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The only thing better than comfort food is 24-hour comfort food. Yes, Donut House never closes, but what's more notable than simply its range of hours is its consistency in offering a huge selection of deep-fried confections whose quality never disappoints — no matter what the hour. Whether they're Sunday Morning Church Doughnuts, After-Dinner Dessert Doughnuts or 3 a.m. Stumbling Home Drunk Doughnuts, they will be memorably fresh, tasty and served in a manner and atmosphere reminiscent of a 1950s diner. No apple fritter can compete with Donut House's, and the toasted-coconut cake doughnuts are beyond compare. Furthermore, the House appreciates its customers: The folks there have been known to sneak an extra doughnut or two into your bag with a wink and a smile.

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Chris Gooding
Chris Gooding

Excellent. Extremely friendly. Donuts were very good.


That last sentence couldn't be more true. The owners are amazingly friendly and always slip a few extra donuts in the bag for me. I think they're trying to send me to an early grave.