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Best Ensemble Cast in a Musical St. Louis 2010 - Titanic

Titanic was surely the best thing to happen to the Muny this past summer — if for no other reason than that it shook and even disturbed its audiences. A week after the production closed, subscribers were still asking each other, "What did you think of Titanic?" If some viewers were disappointed that there didn't seem to be a single protagonist to root for, no one could complain about the high quality of the cast as a whole. Some actors had been in the original Broadway production, others were new to the show. No matter. There was a sense here that everyone onstage was proud to be a part of something unusual. They joined together in one cohesive ensemble to create a thrilling wall of sound, the likes of which has not been heard on the Muny stage in recent memory.

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Michele Burdette Elmore
Michele Burdette Elmore

As a member of the Titanic ensemble, it was indeed a thrill of a lifetime to be on that huge, wonderful stage singing great music. I was so proud to be part of an amazing cast and I will carrying and cherish the memory of The MUNY's Titanic for the rest of my life.