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Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Female) St. Louis 2010 - Mandy Murphey

Readers' Choice: Cindy Preszler

News broadcasts are often harsh reminders of our tumultuous times, wherein tales of murders and robberies are commonplace. Left to search for traces of light in these dark times, we find solace in the optimistic rays of sunshine radiating from Mandy Murphey's cranium. The FOX 2 news anchor's shoulder-length 'do is a fair and balanced blend of familiar sitcom-mom styles coagulating into something resembling Mrs. Brady with a quasi-modern awareness of the Rachel. Murphey's blonde mop neither grasps at the front edge of hair hipness nor stagnates itself by an archaic cut. Her goldy locks are just right for recalling simpler times and bringing a much needed comfort to the nightly news. Even when the words on Mandy's TelePrompTer drip pure evil, each flaxen strand descends from her head like a motivational poster — a kitten dangling adorably from a tree to remind the news-watching public to hang in there.

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