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Best Jam Band St. Louis 2010 - Fresh Heir

Horn sections are the new black. Just ask math rockers like So Many Dynamos or Americana bands like Magnolia Summer, both of which, onstage or in the studio, have gotten a cool sonic bump and blast from going brassy. Fresh Heir's horns, however, aren't just a one-off. Integrated into the ensemble, the band's brass, wickedly charted and smoothly played, makes all the difference in transcending the conventions of neo-soul and jazz fusions and making the most out of the Heir's heavy Stevie Wonder-ment. Fresh Heir grooves more than it jams, but when these folks want to light up the guitar and clavinet duels, they've got improvisational pyromania to burn.

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If these guys are "best" the playing field must still be wide open. Re-visit, re-hash.....all I hear is more of the same generic homogeneity.


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