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Best Jukebox St. Louis 2010 - Claudia's Pub

Claudia\'s Pub

Claudia's Pub

3322 Watson Road

St. Louis, MO 63139


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Don't call Claudia's Pub a dive bar. Sure, the cash-only joint may be located in south city and may serve exclusively Busch beer from its lone tap, but Claudia's is far too clean and welcoming to be a true dive. While the shuffleboard table seems to take up the length of the bar's south wall, it's the wall-mounted jukebox, located proudly in the front window, that deserves your attention (and your dollar bills). There are a few CDs by Bob Seger and Van Halen, and the collections by Steely Dan, Genesis and Fleetwood Mac make it possible to program your very own imaginary oldies station. But it's the random anomalies that make this juke a great source of music. Wilco's totemic Yankee Hotel Foxtrot will keep the hipsters satisfied, and Barry White's mid-'90s comeback The Icon Is Love has enough slow jams to get 'em grooving in the aisles.

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Agreed! Was just there for the first time last night and this jukebox still shines. Very welcome in this age of omnipresent digital jukeboxes that charge extra for all but a few tired songs.


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