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Best Local Poet St. Louis 2010 - Adrian Matejka

There's a rhythmic urgency to Adrian Matejka's poetry that mirrors the music he turns to as one of his many sources of inspiration. His newest collection, Mixology, nominated for an NAACP Image Award and winner of the 2008 National Poetry Series, is a case study in disparate meldings. In "Language Mixology" Matejka writes:

When he's not writing, editing the journal Sou'wester or teaching at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Matejka is bringing other poets to St. Louis as the co-director of the River Styx Reading Series.

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Keigh-Cee Welsch
Keigh-Cee Welsch

So proud to be a student of St. Louis' best poet! Apparently Michael O'Brian has never heard Adrian read, or read his work, because he would know that his poetry is not bland and useless collegiate poetry, but real poetry that matters.

michael o'brian
michael o'brian

the literati continue to dominate the national poetic scene, though few people can quote their work or even recall titles of their poetry. students from the corporate sponsored universities are duped into calling prose poetry and the great poets of the community that call out against true capitalist oppression are restricted to sharing their work at the open mics and poetry slams. all praise to Zaire "Mama Blue" Imani, the true queen of St. Louis poetry!

Jo Ann Gustin
Jo Ann Gustin

Adrian is one of the Greatest Poets of our time be it in St Louis, Atlanta, Portland or in New York. He is a creative genius with words and feelings. Adrian expresses what is in our dreams with such a voice that we feel apart of the words, quite simply we get lost in his words and when he is done, we are left with a feeling of fullness and yet a yearning for more. I can hardly wait for his next book, his next words and where he wants to take my mind.


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