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Best Local Single of the Past 12 Months St. Louis 2010 - Rockwell Knuckles, "Government Name"

Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Fattback, "Dino"

One way to hear the year's most outstanding local single is to purchase a copy of Everybody Wins and play it on random. The record, a compilation of singles from artists in the local hip-hop collective the Force, includes a slew of strong candidates for this honor. But when the booming string arrangement that kicks off "Government Name" almost blows out your speakers, the decision becomes a snap. The beat, produced by Trifeckta, is a radio-ready burner that bumps bass and has a breakneck tempo courtesy of a sputtering hi-hat. Rockwell tells the tale of an anonymous hookup, darkly rhyming "Ask me what I want/Young lady, I would love to freak you/Then feed you, drop you off/Tell you it was nice to meet you/Now fix your face." On the chorus, belting out the refrain "Spontaneous lover!" he sounds like Prince on a Viagra bender.

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A9amis aka Fly Geek
A9amis aka Fly Geek

Khaibak you are obviously hating. Rocky is one of the best artists in the city, possibly state and Tri goes hard on every beat. It most definately tops my list. If you know anybody better, then maybe you should post some links and let everyone else decide. Until you can show and prove, it would probably be best to remain silent.


Rockwell Knuckles is one of the most gifted artists i know and have heard. Its great that the city recognizes this too. Thanks RFT


Not hatin, but oviously they haven't heard much local hip hop music. That's the problem with the RFT, they don't get out, actually hit the streets, they seem to only listen to the same handful of artists... and it shows in their coverage. Wow, no wonder artists have a problem breaking outside this city... look at the tastemakers.



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