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Best Local TV Commercial St. Louis 2010 - The Bedroom Store

At first we were uncomfortable welcoming Denny Boyd, president of the Bedroom Store, into our boudoir each morning and evening. After all, we hardly knew him (and he wasn't invited). But nowadays Denny's like an old friend, and we look forward to seeing the dude on the tube, whether before we shut our peepers at night or when we arise, bedheaded. We don't mind if Denny sees us in our flannel nightgown or with curlers in our hair and night cream on our face, because he really does want us to get a good night's sleep and have a great day — even if we didn't buy our mattress from him (but especially if we did). Denny, our bedroom-set buddy, our pillow-top pal, and his sincerity deserve to be honored. Hope you slept well, St. Louis, and have a great day, indeed. And we hope the same for you, too, Denny Boyd.

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