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Best Milkshake St. Louis 2010 - Crown Candy Kitchen

Crown Candy Kitchen

Crown Candy Kitchen

1401 St. Louis Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63106


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It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. Someone had to put his neck on the line to judge this year's Milkshake Battle Royal, known on the streets as the Fount vs. the Crown Throwdown. After rigorous taste testing at both renowned shake crafters, the venerable Crown Candy Kitchen rose to the top over newer kids on the block like the Fountain on Locust. Did we say venerable? This tourist destination has been shaking it up since 1913. Renovations to the immediate neighborhood have only enhanced its nostalgic charm. And Crown Candy still serves the richest, coldest malts and shakes, in dented 24-ounce tins and a wide variety of flavors, from classic to left-of-center (marshmallow, anyone?). For $4.50 it's the ultimate in bloated bliss. (Plus, you can make it extra thick for $1 more.)

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Steve Hartenbaum
Steve Hartenbaum

So now that you've established a "contest" between The Fountain on Locust and Crown Candy over which has the better milkshake, I had to test your findings myself, and refute them, my friend. I am a vanilla milkshake aficionado. I have tasted thousands all over the country. In fact, you might put me in the vanilla milkshake snob category, which at this point I'd doubt I'd win if the RFT was the judge. But I can assure you, I know my milkshakes and The Fountain's vanilla milkshake is SO far superior there is no contest. I will admit, I haven't been to Crown Candy in a long time, especially since I was never very impressed with their ice cream to begin with. I DO have a hankering for The Fountain's vanilla milkshake, which I allow myself to get once a week, because it's that good and I have to have my fix. But just to be absolutely certain, I did a little test Saturday afternoon. The ONLY way for a layman, or your reviewer, to do a proper comparison, is to do as I did, order them both to go, then sit in your car and taste them right next to each other. I started at The Fountain, then headed over to Crown Candy. This gave Crown the advantage of having the freshest lead, but even then, the Fountain on Locust's milkshake won hands down. First, the Fountain's whipped cream is fresher tasting and better because they make it from scratch unlike Crown's commercial product. Then TFOL's milkshake itself is richer, FAR more flavorful and of such a higher quality it makes me wonder if Crown Candy is using a powder mix to make their ice cream. Crown's was much too sweet with an odd aftertaste. So maybe a better comparison would have been Crown vs. Steak n' Shake? Sorry to have to review your review, but somebody had to do it.


You may know bubkas about bagels, but at least you got this one right!


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