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Best Neighborhood Bar (West County) St. Louis 2010 - Annie Gunn's

Annie Gunn\'s

Annie Gunn's

16806 Chesterfield Airport Road

Chesterfield, MO 63005


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Readers' Choice: French Quarter Bar & Grill

Look, we know: Annie Gunn's is great at a lot of things. We've sung the praises of chef Lou Rook. We've given the place Best Steak House in an earlier iteration of this annual STL love-fest. Wine Spectator continually gives the Chesterfield eatery's impressive list its Award of Excellence. The burger is a visitor from Planet Delicious; there should be a tender ballad composed for the Muscovy duck confit. But today we come to laud Annie Gunn's superlative bar. Anyone who's ever dined at the restaurant is likely familiar with this wood-paneled haven; even if you did not plan to go to the bar, the wait for a table on a weekend (or even weekday) night makes it a necessity. The crowd is well-heeled, jovial and friendly, making it an ideal place to meet with friends or find new ones. Bite back any urge you might have to order a Bud Light Lime — seriously, what's wrong with you? — and instead make a selection from Annie Gunn's nearly peerless wine list. Or, try a cocktail that's as fresh and inventive as the dinner you're about to enjoy (we like the "East West Gin and Ginger Martini," with Bombay Sapphire gin, Canton ginger liqueur and Top of the Hill Farm's honey-lime-rosemary syrup). Even if your plans don't involve dinner, the bar at Annie Gunn's is worth the visit, every time.

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I agree with both of you. French Quarter, Clancy's, Smittys, Georges, Brothers, ect. ect. ect.... are neighborhood bars! Annie Gunns is a great steak house (didnt they win that before?) and since when does an actual bar have a chef? Again love the food and the atmosphere when I want to spend some cash but not the everyday joe neigborhood bar.

Luke W
Luke W

You are kidding right? Neighborhood bars are for the common folks. Although the food and scenery are great at Annie Gunn's, the prices are exorbitant, the service is generally slow and there is a too long of a wait. Someone gave me $100 of gift certificates for Annie Gunn's and my wife and I burned through those halfway through the meal. It is not a best neighborhood bar, it is a best restaurant for the moderately well to do. C'mon Riverfront Times, go back to your roots of catering to the people that actually read your paper. Silly waste of space on this page. Try a retraction and choose a real neighborhood bar. I see on the small caption that the French Quarter was the readers choice................. too chicken to pick that one?


By your own wording, "Bite back any urge you might have to order a Bud Light Lime — seriously, what's wrong with you?" You have just proven why Annie Gunn's is NOT West County's neighborhood bar. It is a pretentious place to see and be seen. Neighborhood bars are the places to go to be comfortable, to hang out with your friends and most certainly not be judged by what beer I choose to order. Who knows, I might not even want a beer or not but to tell me I don't want one of a certain brand is another story.t


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