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Best Newspaper Columnist St. Louis 2010 - Evan Benn

Readers' Choice: Bill McClellan

Doesn't it seem like newspapers have become, well, old news? Pages are thinner, the gossip column's gone the way of the dodo, and scribblings about cops and robbers are just so...depressing. What Twitterific people really wanna read these days is fun stuff!!! Enter the beer columnist. Evan Benn, an editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's entertainment section, does an admirable job in this new era of infotainment as the author of the local daily's "Hip Hops" beer column. He keeps tabs on the minutiae of the local craft-beer scene — who's pouring what, who's filling cans, who's opening where — with such enthusiasm that you find yourself skipping the city council report in order to Google-map your way to Benn's favorite IPA.

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Congrats Evan!


So what is Evan's favorite IPA?


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