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Best Paint Store St. Louis 2010 - Paint Supply Co.

Paint Supply Co.

Paint Supply Co.

3504 S. Grand Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63118


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Paint Supply Co. already has a pretty plain name, but those who frequent it tend to simplify that even further: the paint store. It's that essential. The Ash family has operated out of this old-school building in Tower Grove South for more than half a century, and even though they're crowded on one side by big-box home-improvement stores and on the other by stores connected to the biggest paint companies (Benjamin Moore, Glidden), no one can match Paint Supply Co. for quality, price and especially friendliness. For those who haven't settled on a color, the store carries the full spectrum of Devoe paints, but if your heart's set on this season's hottest color from one of the big boys, the store has a computer to match the color precisely — for a more reasonable price. You won't be compromising on quality, either, because the base paints at Paint Supply Co. are topnotch, be they matte, eggshell or semi-gloss. Not sure what you need? That's when Paint Supply Co. really shines: This staff knows paint, and they will guide you to what you need efficiently but kindly. Of course, Paint Supply Co. provides all the other stuff, too: brushes, drop cloths, rollers and more. Even after one visit, you'll find yourself dropping the uppercase letters. There is only one paint store, and this is it.

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Was wondering if you carry Thermochromatic pigment of any sort hopefully in black>


I highly recommend the paint store! My entire house (and my sisters house) is covered with "the paint store" paint. That Ash Family really knows their paint!!!! Great Article!


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