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Best Parade St. Louis 2010 - People's Joy Parade on Cherokee Street

Multiculturalism sets Cherokee Street apart from the rest of the city: Black families have lived in the neighborhood for decades, and artists, musicians and bohemians moved in more recently for the cheap rent and laid-back community vibe found in the area's Hispanic hub. All of these factions came out in force for Cinco de Mayo, creating a sight to behold. There were traditional Mexican dancers in colorful dresses, followed by a trio of dudes sporting papier-mâché monster heads and rocking out on a synthesizer, a keyboard and a stripped-down drum kit. There was an all-black drum line and dance team from Roosevelt High School. There were even two rival scooter gangs — one on mopeds, the other on motorcycles and Vespas — both decked out in ponchos and sombreros and bent on raising hell. It was, in a word, eclectic — just like Cherokee itself.

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Pancake Master
Pancake Master

Hah! Those three dudes were none other than Floating Laboratories proprietor Kevin Harris, Cherokee Street impresario Galen Gandolfi, and man-of-many-faces Michael "Giorgio" Stasny. They occasionally play around town as Half-Gay.

Also, don't forget the CINCO DE VOLVO procession...hopefully next time we can top even the 6 or 7 240s we had this year, make it 240-insane.


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