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Best Place for a First Date (Not a Restaurant) St. Louis 2010 - One-Nite Stand

One-Nite Stand

One-Nite Stand

2800 Ohio Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63118


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Conversation is the key to a quality first date, and no place in St. Louis has more conversation pieces than One-Nite Stand. Open for business for nineteen years on the corner of Gravois and Ohio avenues in south city, One-Nite Stand is smoky as hell and kind of smells like Grandpa's house. (The first thing you see when you walk in the door is a metal rack stocked with cheap pints of liquor and MD 20/20 and a cryptic sign that reads, "We do NOT do setups here!!!") There are two immaculate pool tables and, outside, a pristine patio with a trickling fountain in the center. On Fridays and Saturdays the place hosts raucous karaoke parties, so you can either show off your singing skills or commiserate over your complete lack thereof. The best part, though, is the name. It's the perfect icebreaker — a way to show off your sense of humor and, if you play your cards right, get lucky. And we mean that literally: The bar also sells lottery tickets.

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If getting frisked at the door is the start of your evening, this is the place to be. Even after asking the doorman if he thought most people carried in their coat pockets, he told us he wasn't worried about that, just people bringing in their own liquor! After paying $10 for 2 rail drinks I can see why. With our watered down drinks and the drunken security guard hovering over us (guess they don't like new people) we were ready for the door. A quick "Thanks for leaving" from the bartender (who we hear has a rep for being as friendly) and we were up the street at a much nicer place. "One Nite Stand" says it all.


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