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Best Place to Buy Sex Toys St. Louis 2010 - Hustler Hollywood

Hustler Hollywood

Hustler Hollywood

9802 Natural Bridge Road

Berkeley, MO 63134


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"Relax — it's just sex." So proclaims a banner hung inside Hustler Hollywood, and damned if the sentiment isn't contagious. Even the most furtive seeker of cock rings, dildos or something as prosaic as a foot pedestal to make sex in the shower easier — seriously, who knew? — will be put at ease by the attractive, brightly lit displays. Look up from the floor to regard your fellow customers, and you might be surprised. Everyone is so casual, whether asking for a dressing room to try on a leather-daddy outfit or studying the vibration settings on a $150 vibrator or asking an employee what is required in order to bend over the boyfriend. The employees might be the best part of Hustler Hollywood (after the delirious anticipation of what you'll do with all your new purchases, of course). Friendly but not overbearing, they are willing and able to provide advice, and when that advice is unsolicited — say you're about to purchase an expensive toy with a propensity for malfunctioning after only a few, um, spins — it is offered with sincere, nonjudgmental concern for your purchasing pleasure. It's not creepy. It's

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There can be a level of uncertainty when it comes to buying anything online. That fact that we aren't tangibly holding the item in our hands, is an act of trust. We are trusting a company, who's people we have never met, to deliver an item we haven't seen yet, after we give them our money! It sounds a bit surreal. Internet shopping, however, has come a long way. There are services and agencies that take on some responsibility for these companies. The option to dispute charges has also made us more comfortable with the idea.


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