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Best Public Park St. Louis 2010 - Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park

4256 Magnolia Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63110


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Last winter a coyote came to live in St. Louis and set up residence in Tower Grove Park. Who can blame him, really? Although winter is perhaps not the best time of year to appreciate Tower Grove's natural beauty, there's plenty else to admire: the Victorian-era pavilions built to look as though they were transplanted from far-off lands, the fake ruins beside the lily pond constructed from actual ruins of the old Lindell Hotel (it was destroyed in a fire, and if the coyote looked closely, he might've been able to see scorch marks), the grass tennis courts. And while the coyote probably would not have been allowed inside the Piper Palm or Plant houses, he could have sneaked into the old stables. The coyote was gone by early spring, when the buds started to emerge on the trees and the local foodies started to whisper excitedly about the return of the Saturday farmers' market. He left behind a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, each with a considerable following. In retrospect, it seems inevitable that a Tweeting coyote would have come to live in Tower Grove Park. No other park in St. Louis could support anything half so fanciful.

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Vicki Sewell
Vicki Sewell

I grew up and my kids grew up two blocks From Tower Grove Park. Me in the 60's and kids in 70's and 80's. As a kid the farthest I could walk with my friends was four blocks, so TGP was only Two, so we went almost everyday in the summer. First thing was to go swimming in the swimming pool (I'm not sure if it was cement or not) Anyway all of my friends from the neighborhood would meet there to swim and hang out at the pavilion by the pool. We always took some change because there was a snow cone booth. Just writing this brings back so many memories.. riding our bikes on the trails, trying to play tennis, playing softball. Tower Grove Park was my summer growing up in the 60's.I bought a house nearby, so my kids experienced the same fun that I did. They played on baseball teams, so many of their games were played in TGP.

In 1990 I got married at the smaller pavilion by the lily ponds and took many wedding beautiful pictures at different spots in the park.So I guess you could say that Tower Grove Park was a very large part of my life.

I don't live in Missouri anymore, but last time I saw the Tower Grove Park is was beautiful. So can understand why it was chosen The Best and most beautiful Park in St Louis.


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