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Best Public Restroom St. Louis 2010 - The Fountain on Locust

The Fountain on Locust

The Fountain on Locust

3037 Locust St.

St. Louis, MO 63103


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Let's face it: Your basic indoor johns are just a step above your festival-weary portable potties — and we're not talking about a big step here. Most times, having to utilize public restrooms is about as sanitary and fun as doing the backstroke in the ol' septic tank. After enduring mall messes, nightclub cesspools, department-store disasters, airport-terminal train wrecks and other similar nightmares, it's a dream to experience sweet relief in one of the loos at the Fountain on Locust. The art-deco-themed respite spots do, in fact, provide rest and relaxation, and not just for the ladies. An all-are-welcome onesie sports a sleek, distinguished vibe with a dark floor and walls, lots of mirrors and a golden bowl. The other toilette is ladies-only, complete with blush-pink walls, a hand-painted mural, black stalls with saloon-style doors and a gentle, glamorous vibe — a perfect place to powder your nose, if you nose what we mean. Of course, restrooms this lovely can't go unnoticed by the larger restroom-rating public: The Fountain on Locust was named America's Best Restroom in a popular-vote contest hosted by the potty people at the Cintas Corporation. What are you waiting for? Have a few of the Fountain's signature ice-cream martinis, and let the good times flow!

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The entire restaurant is classy, but you have to spend some quality time there to see it all. You may not discover "Soap Hospital," the soap opera parody running in the back booths till your fourth or fifth visit! Or you may go months before wandering in on Burlesque Bingo night and see a young lady climbing the ladder to the upper stage over the entrance door, lit up by the antique spotlight on the corner of the bar. Has anyone figured out what that objet d'art is over the west wall bishops' chairs? Did you know the hanging lampshades were hand-made by the owner? She also painted those beautiful ladies gracing the walls and holding up the wall lights. The list goes on. The Fountain On Locust is a new adventure every visit!


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