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Best Reporter (TV/Radio Division) St. Louis 2010 - Mike Owens

Mike Owens, who spent 27 years chasing down scoops at KSDK-TV (Channel 5), was the role model several younger local reporters say they aspired to emulate — until September 3, when he left TV news to practice law alongside legal eagle Chet Pleban. He may have departed the news biz, but he still gets juiced up when asked about the big stories he broke in his prime. For instance back in the mid-'90s, when he wondered why members of then-mayor Freeman Bosley Jr.'s administration were running up huge cell-phone bills on the city's dime. Turns out they were making all kinds of personal calls. "It was a huge government-waste story," Owens recalls of the resulting multi-part series. "It was just amazing." Now, instead of watching him break the news, we'll get to watch Owens make it.

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