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Best Restaurant Trend St. Louis 2010 - Food trucks

It took the cupcake craze more than half a decade to reach St. Louis after it became the trendy dessert in New York City. By that math it should be 2015 before the area sees a representative of the hottest food trend of the past couple of years: the food truck. These aren't your father's lunch wagons. They serve anything and everything: waffles, kebabs, grilled cheese, even tacos stuffed with Korean barbecue. (Seriously: Kogi, a Los Angeles truck serving a mashup of Korean and Mexican cuisine, is the spiritual leader of the new food-truck movement.) They use Twitter to reveal their location, inspiring gastronauts to travel across town rather than catching whatever foot traffic happens to be nearby. In St. Louis we are now seeing the first sprouts of the trend. Unsurprisingly, the ever-hip cornmeal-crust pizzeria Pi is an early proponent, having launched its Pi on the Spot truck. Fats Pierre is a food cart rather than a truck — close enough! — selling sausages, pretzels and, at Tower Grove Farmers' Market, breakfast tacos. Sarah's Cake Stop van brings two trends together, selling, yes, cupcakes. Whether food trucks are a fad or become a fixture of the culinary landscape, the fact that St. Louis is beginning to embrace something fun, convenient and current is very, very welcome.

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Nicole i am just glad there is some recognition of the food trucks here in St.Louis. I hope to soon get out and try a crepe....Sarah's Cake Stop


While I hate to whine, I must say it is quite disappointing to see that my food truck, Holy Crepe!, was not mentioned here. We started turning an old school bus into a mobile creperie over a year ago, and have gotten great feedback everywhere we've operated so far (LouFest, St Louis Art Fair, Webster Groves Farmer's Market, etc.). Thanks to Pi and the cupcake truck, it's starting to become easier to work in the city, and we can't wait to get out there more.


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