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Best Skate Shop St. Louis 2010 - Infinity Skate Shop

Infinity Skate Shop

Infinity Skate Shop

5528 S. Lindbergh Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63123


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Skateboarding came perilously close to going mainstream for a minute there. Businessmen saw dollar signs in them thar X Games, and suddenly you could find "skateboarding shoes" at Target and skateboards at [Generic]'s Big-Box Sporting Goods; seemingly every department store young men's section had hooded sweatshirts with "Skate This" or "Grind That" or "Skate Rock Tickle Party" emblazoned across the front. And semi-quietly, Infinity Skate Shop soldiered on. Yeah, you can buy shoes there, and they have the standard T-shirts and hoodies and DVDs, but Infinity's main inventory comprises the tools of skateboarding: decks, trucks, bearings, wheels. If you're a little shaver just starting out (or more likely, the wallet-bearing parent of a little shaver who's just starting out), they sell junior completes to get you on your way at a very affordable price. If you're one of them limber young snots who can kickflip-underflip, Infinity has a wide selection of decks from the major manufacturers (Zoo York, Alien Workshop, Zero, Baker, etc.). And if you're a creaky-kneed old fart who's still carving ditches and crushing curbs, Infinity stocks those retro wide-ass decks from Powell and Santa Cruz that are the size of a coffee table. Bottom line: If you're looking for skate fashion, look elsewhere; if you're looking to skate, start your endless journey at Infinity Skate Shop.

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