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Best Songwriter St. Louis 2010 - The Bottle Rockets

Brian Henneman has always delivered the songs of the Bottle Rockets as though he has lived every line, and yet that's just a persona created by his underrated vocal muscle. In truth, the Bottle Rockets have always taken a collective approach to songwriting, working together and apart, getting songs from friends like Bob Parr and Scott Taylor, and cowriting with others. But the songs of the Bottle Rockets never really exist until the band throws itself into them, fusing melodies, arrangements and words to create a rock-&-country world wholly their own. Few working bands today can tell a story in a song like the Bottle Rockets.

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Great choice!Also an outstanding explanation of the Brox songwriting process.

Watch for their new DVD and semi-acoustic live CD, both should be released before Christmas. Probably.


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