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Best Sporting Goods Store St. Louis 2010 - Olympic Sporting Goods

Olympic Sporting Goods

Olympic Sporting Goods

4916 Hampton Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63109


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Olympic Sporting Goods looks like somebody took the entire inventory of a Sports Authority-type chain store and stuffed it into a closet: Gear for a half-dozen sports is crammed into a single room on Hampton Avenue in south city. The shop has occupied that location for the past 8 years and been in business for more than 40. The store specializes in baseball, softball and soccer equipment, but it also carries random supplies that run the gamut from corkball bats to University of Illinois beer koozies. There's also a solid stock of Cardinals apparel and memorabilia, including some reasonably priced authentic jerseys. If you can't find what you're looking for among the clutter, owner Greg Domian is happy to oblige with a special order or point you in the direction of one of those big-box retailers.

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Kirkland Rone
Kirkland Rone

The best sporting goods store by far. Personalized service and quality goods at the best price. There's no need to waste your time elsewhere.


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