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Best Sushi St. Louis 2010 - Nobu's



8643 Olive Blvd.

University City, MO 63132


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Readers' Choice: The Drunken Fish

This week's meeting of the League Against Sushi-Expanding Rolls will now come to order. Let the record show that for the 212th consecutive week, LASER is meeting at Nobu's in University City. While we await our nigiri sushi — I ordered twice as much salmon as usual because it's so good, especially with that little crescent-moon of onion atop it — a reminder that at the last meeting we passed, by unanimous vote, Resolution No. 104: "The League Against Sushi-Expanding Rolls (LASER) hereby resolves that no 'sushi roll' set on fire at the table or delivered to the table already flaming shall be considered actual sushi." Today's first order of business — after Hank stops bogarting the mackerel — is to vote on Resolution No. 105: "The League of Sushi- Expanding Rolls (LASER) hereby resolves that no 'sushi roll' that contains anything referred to as 'tempura crunch' shall be considered actual sushi." All in favor, raise your chopsticks. All opposed? The motion passes unanimously. The final order of business is to choose a location for next week's LASER meeting. Can anyone suggest a sushi restaurant with fresher fish, better attention to detail and a more honest pursuit of the noble art of sushi than Nobu's? I didn't think so. Meeting adjourned.

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This is the worst piece of crap sushi place I've been to. Yes the sushi is not that bad, but when I sit at a sushi bar I expect that I won't be berated by my sushi chef (Nobu himself) making my food. When I get albacore sashimi, I like to dip it in some Ponsu sauce. When I ordered it, from the waitress by the way because I wasn't aloud to speak to my sushi chef, Nobu stared at me and said rudely, "Who taught you to eat sushi?" with an astonished face I fired back with, "My father was giving me pieces of taro to suck on when I was baby, I know what I like with sushi." The experience was weird itself. We walked in and the waitress seemed surprised that I wanted to sit at the bar. There was maybe one other couple there eating teriyaki chicken at their table. I left never wanting to come back and see Nobu's face. He was so rude to me and I can't believe I paid him to make the sh*tty roll albacore sashimi I ordered. If you want amazing and awesome sushi go to TANI in clayton on bemiston by the Fatted Calf-awesome burgers.


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