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Best Use of the Worst Cheese St. Louis 2010 - "The Hill"


"The Hill"

6602 Delmar Blvd.

University City, MO 63130


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"The Hill" mac & cheese at Cheese-ology almost qualifies as molecular gastronomy. It looks like mac & cheese, sitting there in its mini cast-iron skillet, but one bite and your taste buds scream pizza. It's the perfect union: classic American comfort food done up St. Louis style: Provel cheese in its glorious near-liquid form, a dose of marinara and good ol' Italian salsiccia round out the dish with just the right amount of meaty goodness. The head spins with the possibilities: What about a macaroni & cheese pizza? What if you could order mac & cheese as a topping at Imo's? Don't wake us, we're dreaming.

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