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Best View of Downtown St. Louis 2010 - Westbound on the Poplar Street Bridge

Those who say St. Louis lacks an iconic skyline are too accustomed to seeing things from Missouri's point of view. Drive into the city from Illinois across the Poplar Street Bridge: You could be nowhere else but St. Louis. The Arch is in the foreground, the silver catenary curve beautifully framed from south to north by the high-rise office towers and hotels arrayed behind it. For character, you have something classy and historic (the Old Courthouse), something intrinsically St. Louis (Busch Stadium) and something...unique (Lumière Place). The view is especially lovely at night, as the Arch seems to refract and brighten further the city lights. St. Louis might be the Gateway to the West, but from this vantage point, you understand why so many people have decided to end their journeys right here.

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So true! I tell everyone this, it is the best view ever.


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