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  • Best Sports Bar

    The Over/Under Bar and Grill

    If your game is being broadcast, odds are that you'll find it at the Over/Under Bar and Grill. The bar places signs under its TV sets informing patrons what game they can expect to see on that monitor, and for the duration of the game, the channel doesn't change. Period. With 37 high-def televisions, there's always something to watch at… More >>
  • Best Reason to Look Forward to Winter

    The Saint Louis Zoo

    We're really spoiled in St. Louis. One example: Try going to San Diego some weekend and taking in their zoo. Sure, it's a world-class institution, and half the staff has been on The Tonight Show at one point or another, but it's also going to cost you a few hundred dollars to take the family on a one-day pass that… More >>
  • Best Urban Bike Ride

    St. Vincent Greenway to Ted Jones Path

    Take two of the least-known bike trails in St. Louis, connect them with a jaunt through the UMSL campus, and you have a ride that's a revelation for any cyclist who's burned out on circling Forest Park for the millionth time. This ride, approximately eight miles one way, begins at the entrance to St. Vincent Park off St. Charles Rock… More >>
  • Best Batting Cage

    Tower Tee

    Oh, so you're that guy. The one who makes himself feel like he's the man by showing off, hitting a ball so much farther than little kids. We know you. You're so into your hitting skills that you scouted out all the batting cages in the area — and decided that Tower Tee's thirteen armed machines are the best. We… More >>
  • Best Place to Play Fantasy Sports

    The Post Sports Bar & Grill

    Yeah, yeah, wise guy, we know: Fantasy sports are "played" online, usually when the "athlete" should be doing his real job instead of cruising the waiver wire for a second-string running back who can help carry his team into the playoffs. Why not add a social element to your fantasy life? The Post Sports & Bar Grill will host your… More >>
  • Best Coach

    Mark Edwards

    Mark Edwards is poised to become the John Wooden of Division III college hoops. In 29 years at the helm, the Wizard of Washington University has amassed a career record of 529 wins and 239 losses. Last year, the 63-year-old became just the fourth coach in NCAA history to win back-to-back D-III national championships. A four-year letter winner for the… More >>
  • Best Cardinals Player

    Adam Wainwright

    If there were any lingering doubts that Adam Wainwright was a bona fide ace after his Cy Young-worthy 2009 season, the righty's 2010 campaign has silenced them — emphatically. For pretty much all of 2010, Wainwright's ERA has hovered around 2.00, his WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) a measly 1. In a year when even Albert Pujols struggled… More >>
  • Best Place to Hike

    Meramec State Park

    Sometimes you just want to get away from it all. And sometimes you just want air-conditioning and a nice view. Meramec State Park offers a little bit of both, all about an hour's drive southwest of the city. For the hardy, the "Wilderness Trail" is a ten-mile trek through forested hills and sun-drenched meadows; past streams, wild blackberry bushes and… More >>
  • Best Miniature Golf

    Tower Tee

    In the quest for continual self-improvement, certain members of the Riverfront Times softball team make regular treks to the slow-pitch, high-arc batting cages at Tower Tee, the Affton-based funplex dedicated to baseball, softball and golf. But on occasion, we've also been known to work on our short game — emphasis on "short." The miniature golf course at Tower Tee may… More >>
  • Best Sports Bargain

    Cardinals First Pitch tickets

    The Cardinals are easily the hottest ticket in town, but for those in the know there's a way to get tickets to every regular season home game for a mere $11 per pair. Simply show up at the ticket window on Eighth Street when it opens at 9 a.m. on game day. If you're one of the first 275 people… More >>
  • Best High School Athlete

    Brad Beal

    A senior at Chaminade College Preparatory School, the six-foot-three-inch Beal scored 30 points in the 2009 Class 5 state championship game to lead the Red Devils to the title. But his best on-court exploits were for another team. He was the captain of the USA Men's Developmental National Team and scored nineteen points to help Team USA beat Poland in… More >>
  • Best Weekend Getaway


    Why the hell did I bike here? You ask yourself as you dismount at the spot where the small sign for Augusta meets the Katy Trail. Your butt is aching from the twenty-mile ride, and the hill you've got to crest to reach town looks steeper than a half-pipe. This is gonna be worth it, right? Yes! Hoof it up… More >>
  • Best Fishing Hole

    Huzzah Conservation Area

    "Going fishing" is a euphemism for laconic days, quiet contemplation and bonding through periodic monosyllabic exchanges and canned beer. But fishing can be something else: badass athleticism. While the Meramec River in the summer is usually the province of lazy float trips — and more of the aforementioned canned beer — it's also home to a small sect of spearfishermen,… More >>
  • Best Hole at a Golf Course

    No. 1 at Far Oaks Golf Club

    Far Oaks Golf Club opens with a big, 507-yard hole right out of the gate, and we love it. Why? Because No. 1 is a totally reachable par five, and if you score anything other than par on this hole, you're giving shots away. Our strategy (on a good day): driver, nine iron to the green and two puts for… More >>
  • Best Sports Broadcast Personality

    Bernie Miklasz

    Bernie Miklasz rarely rants. He rarely takes callers. He doesn't bash Tony La Russa every time a pitching change backfires. His sense of humor isn't limited to 10,000 variations of "Isn't that gay?" In other words, Miklasz avoids all the things that can turn sports-talk radio into a vitriolic cesspool. Instead, he offers nuanced, fact-based, engaging opinions on the full… More >>
  • Best Blues Player

    David Backes

    Right winger David Backes is listed at six-foot-three, 225 pounds in the Blues players' guide, which seems impossible — he has to be at least seven feet tall and weigh 340 pounds, all of it whalebone, steel and guts. A hard-checking, hard-skating, hardheaded player with soft hands, Backes makes his money the old-fashioned way: He goes into the corners and… More >>
  • Best Picnic Spot

    Lafayette Park

    French painters would like you to believe that picnicking is a luxury reserved for the parasol-toting, bustle-butted, top-hatted bourgeois. But here in St. Louis, we say, "Screw you, Seurat!" and do picnicking our own way — which is why Lafayette Park is our favorite place to spread a blanket and chow down on sandwiches, potato salad and whatever else we… More >>
  • Best River for Float Trips

    Current River

    The Current River rolls out from its frigid headwaters in Montauk State Park, slices southeast through ancient, forested hills, then winds past dozens of caves and springs on its way to Van Buren. This 100-mile-plus stretch of water offers some of the finest canoeing in the entire country. Officially known as Ozark National Scenic Riverways, it's managed by the federal… More >>
  • Best Public Golf Course

    Aberdeen Golf Club

    Built to resemble the links courses of Scotland (i.e., few trees and sweeping fairways), Aberdeen Golf Club is a big golf course that tests even the most skilled players. Aesthetically, Aberdeen is also tough to beat, with thick zoysia fairways and bent-grass greens nestled between the bluffs of the Meramec River. And while Aberdeen is a long course that rewards… More >>
  • Best Local Boxer

    Devon Alexander

    Devon Alexander "the Great" got beaten up so badly en route to his unanimous twelve-round decision victory over Andriy Kotelnik in August at the Scottrade Center that HBO's Max Kellerman quipped that the hometown hero looked less like "Alexander the Great" and more like "Devon the Good." But good or great, Alexander is still the champ. He holds both the… More >>
  • Best Move

    The signing of Jaroslav Halak

    Jaroslav Halak hasn't played a single regular-season game for the Bluenote yet, but that doesn't diminish his arrival as the goalie of the future. Halak's regular-season record isn't gaudy, but oh, his playoff run — ooh, that was something. He blocked 181 of 184 shots in that series against the Washington Capitals "juggernaut" and backstopped an overachieving Canadiens squad to… More >>
  • Best Public Park

    Tower Grove Park

    Last winter a coyote came to live in St. Louis and set up residence in Tower Grove Park. Who can blame him, really? Although winter is perhaps not the best time of year to appreciate Tower Grove's natural beauty, there's plenty else to admire: the Victorian-era pavilions built to look as though they were transplanted from far-off lands, the fake… More >>
  • Best Place to Skate

    Kingshighway Skateboarding KHVT

    Forget the skate parks attached to community centers and shopping malls. You want some legitimate skateboarding street cred? Try under the bridge that spans the railroad tracks at Kingshighway and Bischoff Avenue in south city, where a group of skateboarders has been building a DIY skate park for the past year or so. The park's free and open to the… More >>
  • Best Yoga Studio

    Big Bend Yoga Center

    In the end, yoga is supposed to be a path to relaxation and enlightenment. Of course, it's hard to remember that when you've spread your legs as wide as they'll go, bent your right knee, reached your left hand to the floor and twisted your torso up and to the right — only to hear, as your legs are trembling… More >>
  • Best Local MMA Fighter

    Tyron Woodley

    St. Louis' mixed martial arts scene has exploded in recent years, and no local tough guy is tougher than Tyron Woodley. The Ferguson native was a standout wrestler at McCluer High School before moving on to Mizzou, where he was an ROTC student, a conference champion and a two-time All-American on the mats. He learned jujitsu from Mike Rogers at… More >>
  • Best Gamble

    Rams let Oshiomogho Atogwe become an unrestricted free agent

    If the NFL's salary structure were any more arcane, it would be the subject of Dan Brown's next Da Vinci Code sequel. Still, it added some drama to the woeful Rams' off-season when the team decided to let free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe become an unrestricted free agent. Did the team really want to part with one of its few playmakers?… More >>
  • Best Place for a Stroll

    Benton Park

    Meandering through the grid of historic Benton Park is a special thing, whether it's a brisk autumn sunset or a moist dawn in the spring. Light touches the brick homes at odd angles, illuminating each structure's unique age and architectural pedigree — you'll see Queen Anne, Romanesque and Classical Revival styles here, frequently wrought in the 1800s by German settlers… More >>
  • Best Tennis Courts

    Kirkwood Park

    The Kirkwood Park tennis courts have something for players of every level, from novice to expert. The park is home to ten well-maintained courts, two of which are entirely enclosed by high fences — perfect both for newcomers whose sloppy serves might otherwise interfere with another game and for serious athletes who want to avoid such interruptions in game play.… More >>
  • Best Bowling Lanes

    Tropicana Lanes

    From the moment you step into Tropicana Lanes, you feel transported to another time. Actually, the time warp begins even before you step inside — with the huge vintage sign at the parking lot entrance, itself a relic from the golden age of cheerful, shimmering, brightly colored vulgarity. The building is enormous, housing 52 lanes, with air redolent of oil… More >>
  • Best Athlete's Butt

    Jaime Garcia

    Jaime Garcia took St. Louis by storm this summer, and it's easy to see why. Sure, the young southpaw has been the Cards' most impressive rookie pitcher since Rick Ankiel brought his own brand of lefty madness (unfortunate emphasis on "madness") to town, but that isn't the reason. It isn't the big loopy curve, either. No, what we all really… More >>
  • Best Rams Player

    Donnie Jones

    Q: Who is Donnie Jones? A: He's the St. Louis Rams player who touched the ball more than anyone on the team last year, excluding the quarterback and running back. Yep, as punter for the Rams, Jones had a busy '09 kicking the ball 90 times (roughly six times per game) for the hopeless 1-15 squad. Along the way, Jones… More >>
  • Best Place to Bird-Watch

    Lost Valley Trail

    On a good morning at Weldon Spring Conservation Area, you can spot 60 species of birds on the Lost Valley Trail, reports Pat Lueders of the St. Louis Audubon Society. Setting out from the trailhead just off Highway 94, you meander north about a mile before arriving at the eight-mile loop. If you head left, you'll pass through an open… More >>
  • Best Basketball Court

    Humboldt Middle School

    If you're a six-foot-five-inch stud who can dunk like LeBron, shoot treys like Kobe and pass like Steve Nash, you've got several places to show off your baller abilities. The outdoor courts near the Heights in Richmond Heights, the playground in Fairground Park and the bustling blacktop next to the 12th and Park Recreation Center all feature extremely competitive games… More >>
  • Best Sports Figure Not Named Pujols

    Yadier Molina

    Yadier Molina was already one of the most beloved Cardinals heading into the 2010 season for a host of reasons. He played a critical role on the 2006 World Series team. His rifle arm makes him arguably the best defensive catcher in baseball. And though he runs like he's carrying a piano on his back, he has a knack for… More >>
  • Best College Athlete

    Grant Ressel

    Ressel began his sophomore season at Mizzou as a walk-on, fighting for the backup kicker job. He finished as a first-team All-American. He won the starting role in the week leading up and the first game of the season against Illinois and made three field goals, two of which were longer than 40 yards. He only missed once the entire… More >>
  • Best Reason to Look Forward to Summer

    Free shows in Forest Park

    It's easy to get classy for less cash in the summertime, with a bevy of free shows in Forest Park. For instance, scientific studies have shown that drinking wine, eating cheese and watching Shakespeare under the stars multiplies your intellectuality by a factor of ten. That's like tweed-jacket-with-elbow-pads cultured. Meanwhile, the musicals at the Muny showcase a full pit orchestra… More >>
  • Best Place to Jog

    Castlewood State Park

    Some joggers are slaves to routine. They run the same course week in, week out, until the pavement around their neighborhoods bears the imprint of their New Balances. But for those looking for a break from the smooth-paved paths of their local park, consider Ballwin's Castlewood State Park. Perched on the Meramec River, Castlewood offers a series of rugged trails… More >>
  • Best Public Pool

    Carondelet Park Rec Complex

    The Carondelet Park Rec Complex is the coolest YMCA compound in the greater St. Louis area and, without a doubt, the best public pool experience the city has to offer. Indoor pool? Check. Outdoor pool? Check. Awesome twisty spiral water slide? Double check (they have them both indoor and out). And while it's time to accept the hard truth that… More >>
  • Best MMA Gym

    St. Charles Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts

    Mike Rogers compares his gym in St. Charles to Average Joe's in Vince Vaughn's Dodgeball. It's tiny, off the beaten path and totally unlike the area's MMA mega-gyms. Rogers, a burly heavyweight, sports a bushy beard and prowls the mats wearing slippers and a Waylon Jennings T-shirt, a laid-back exterior that belies a badass of the highest order. He is… More >>

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