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Best Addition to Downtown St. Louis 2011 - Food Trucks

In the summer of 2010, Pi on the Spot and Sarah's Cake Stop tentatively hit the streets, and St. Louis responded, with people lining up and buying everything the trucks had in stock. A year later, those two food trucks have become at least nineteen, and they've changed the way people dine downtown. Instead of holing up in their cubes, coworkers are doing something unheard of — they're going outside, into the fresh air, and they're often dining outside, where they encounter other people who've also escaped stifling office buildings. And they talk! All because they've made the same still-novel trek to buy food from a truck. In fact, at night, we see crowds skipping overpriced concession foods at Busch Stadium in favor of truck offerings. Anything that gets people moving, talking and giving their money to small local businesses is a welcome addition to downtown St. Louis. Delayed, but welcome.

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The Best addition to downtown is the restored and reopened Kiel Opera House ending 2 decades of criminal waste. It is one of he top 5 theater-concert halls in the U.S. If not restricted, it will bring back Downtown, recovering our missing travel-for- entertainment business in the winter time. The second best thing is its restoration guided by Gary Martinez and executed by the McKees. And before that thed best was it being saved from multiple gutting attempts.


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