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Best AM Radio Personality St. Louis 2011 - Johnny Rabbitt

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More than half a century ago, way back in 1954, Ron Elz first took to the airwaves. Like the Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride, Johnny Rabbitt was a construct of KXOK (630 AM), passed from DJ to DJ, but Elz made the name his own. He further cemented his identity by creating his trademark top hat with bunny ears. Since then Johnny Rabbitt has been a constant on St. Louis radio, popping up on KSHE (94.7 FM), where he took credit for inventing the "album-oriented" format; KADI in Springfield, where he was the first station manager to program via computer; WIL (92.3 FM), where he dabbled in country music; and finally KMOX (1120 AM), where he hosts the Route 66 oldies show on Saturday nights. Oh, and both Ted Drewes and Crown Candy Kitchen have named specials in his honor. Case closed.

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RIP Don Pietromonaco, the only Johnny Rabbitt this baby boomer will ever remember from KxOK.

Edward WC
Edward WC

Sorry, RFT -- try again. Don Pietromonaco was the Rabbit that mattered.


Ron Elz aka Johnny Rabbitt was only at kxok radio less than a year and was fired because his ratings were bad, they then hired Don Pietromonaco and he bacame KXOK Johnny Rabbitt from 1964-69, this is the Johnny Rabbitt that made history here in st.louis in the 60s.


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