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Best Batting Cage St. Louis 2011 - Tower Tee

Tower Tee

Tower Tee

6727 Heege Road

Concord, MO 63123


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Tower Tee is truly the baseball/softball junkie's batting cage. Not only can you listen to the Cards take on the Cubs while viciously swinging at pitches, but you get to do so while listening to the visiting team's announcers via satellite radio, just to mix things up. Are Cubs' mouthpieces Pat Hughes and Keith Moreland annoying the hell out of you as you're trying to rake some pitches? Simple solution: Pretend Kerry Wood's lobbing pitches down the pipe, and try smoking a ball off the "Cubs Stink" sign in dead center field. So you're a little bushed after burning through a few tokens? No problem. Just mosey on over to the snack stand, grab a snow cone and watch the game on TV. While you're over there, don't hesitate to schmooze with the always-spirited owner of the cages, Dave Swatek. He's been known to give swing tips and positive encouragement, regardless of how lousy your beer-league softball team is.

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Brian Simpson
Brian Simpson

I've been going there since I was a little kid. Back then , Dave's dad had him shoveling baseballs as a teenager. Great place. I owe my lmited baseball success to Tower Tee. Keep up the good work Dave!!

dave swatek
dave swatek

Congrats to the Batting Cages at Tower Tee. It's true your the BEST!


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